China and the South China Sea

Date September 9, 2016
Time 3.00p.m.
Venue Auditorium, Institute of Postgraduate Studies Building, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
Language English
There has been a lot of conflicting signals from China, and also misunderstanding by others, over the Chinese position in the South China Sea dispute. Professor Shen, a leading Chinese scholar on the subject, helps to clarify the Chinese position by discussing the following topics. They are 1) The Nine Dash Line: What China has said and has not said; 2) UNCLOS: What China has said and what has evolved; 3) What others have said and not said; 4) What others have changed; 5) Bilateralism, multilateralism, and unilateralism in the SCS context; 6) The US response; 7) The future


SHEN DingliProfessor and Associate Dean at Fudan University’s Institute of International Studies