[ICS Webinar] China’s Space Ambition and Its Global Significance

Date March 30, 2022
Time 10.00 a.m. - 12.00 noon
Language English
During the past decades, China’s aerospace program has recorded historic milestones that included, among others, successful launches of unmanned expeditions to the moon and Mars, and an ongoing construction of a permanent space station. Like other initiatives, China’s ambition in space could also have bearing in the reconfiguration of the 21st century global order. In this webinar, Blaine Curcio will discuss the potentials and challenges of China’s fast-expanding space industry. In what ways will the Chinese advancing space technology affect our everyday life on earth? And as China continues to commercialize and export their space expertise, what is at stake for countries like Malaysia? How does China’s space program compare with other space powers such as the US? And what are the geopolitical ramification of a much-anticipated China-US space rivalry?


Blaine CURCIOFounder, Hong Kong based Orbital Gateway Consulting