[ICS Webinar] The China -US Rivalry: A Perspective from Germany

Date November 29, 2021
Time 3.00 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.
Language English
The China-US rivalry is reconfiguring the global geopolitical landscape and many countries are feeling the pressure to take sides in the increasingly tense big-power competition. Under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s leadership, Germany has adopted a strategic, pragmatic engagement with China without alienating the US. Come December, can a post-Merkel Germany continue to maintain this delicate balancing act? In this webinar, Christiane Heidbrink will share with us her perspective on Germany’s ongoing domestic political transition and how this will affect Germany’s interaction with China and the US.


Christiane HEIDBRINKResearch Fellow, Centre for Global Studies, University of Bonn