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The International Journal of China Studies (IJCS), currently in its sixth year, was first started by Dr. Emile Yeoh Kok Kheng, then the Director of the Institute of China Studies at the University of Malaya, in 2010. Published three times a year, it has now published more than 15 issues, covering a wide variety of topics pertinent to the political, social, economic, cultural, foreign policy, and other dimensions of contemporary China. Some of the volumes in the past were also special volumes that were devoted to specific topics such as the South China Sea, Taiwan’s 2012 elections, the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Incident, and others. Dr. Yeoh’s editorship of all these issues and special volumes should be positively evaluated as a lasting contribution to the academic field of “China Studies” in Malaysia.

Dr. Yeoh has departed from the Institute of China Studies beginning in September 2014. Since then the editorship has been transferred to me. It is not only a privilege, but also a vote of confidence from my colleagues that I shall always feel grateful, to be assigned the responsibility to edit and manage this journal. I am under no illusion that editing an academic journal is a huge responsibility, and I shall take this responsibility with all the seriousness and commitment that I can afford.

As expected when there is a change of editor, the editorial team and board will also undergo some changes. We (the staff of the Institute of China Studies), as the collective owner of the journal, have decided that the editorial team and board should be streamlined somewhat to make it more efficient. To that end we unfortunately have to leave some distinguished scholars outside of the new editorial board. We shall always be grateful for their past contribution and services to the journal, though. To enhance the journal in certain other aspects, we have also invited some other scholars to join the board.

Finally, there will also be stylistic changes to the journal. JEL classifica-tions will no longer be provided. Nevertheless, the aim of the journal, which is to publish good and academically relevant research articles and book reviews on China, will not be impacted. The standard of maintaining a good academic journal, the double blind review process, will be continued.